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I'm a "forever-curious-about-how-things-work" video editor and motion graphics artist based in Toronto. That's the daily-basis side of what I am/do (Is there any difference?)

Now, about what moves me...


I was always fascinated by all things visual, so I spent most of my childhood in Brazil daydreaming, drawing and painting. During my pre-adolescent phase, I wrote poetry. And then, after a while, my interest shifted to filming and taking photographs. But it was only when I got to University that my heart beat faster. Sleepless nights in front of the computer are a nightmare for some, but not for me. Editing videos and storylining had stolen her heart.

Motion Graphics became a huge part of my work when I - finally - joined the Advertising industry and it's been a joy ever since. I finally found my place on earth. Professionally speaking, at least.

You didn't ask but, in case you want to know something curious about myself, here it goes: I can tap dance, I have released a rock/pop/folk album and I directed a mini-doc about public harassment.

Now, if you wanna know even more about me, feel free to                       at any time via email or any of my Instagram accounts.

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