I'm a "forever-curious-about-how-things-work" video editor based in Toronto since 2016. Being fascinated by all things visual, I spent most of my childhood in Brazil daydreaming, drawing, painting, filming and taking photographs. But it was when I got to University and had the chance to edit my first video that my heart beat out of control. Sleepless nights in front of the computer would never slow me down. Story telling had stolen her heart.

Along the way, I had also written music and directed thought-provoking documentaries about gender roles in society. Motion Graphics became a huge part of my work since I joined the Advertising world and it's been a joy to be able to improve my skills every day.

On this website, you’ll see some of her favorite on-air and digital contents for companies such as Google and Ogilvy, as well as for clients like Dove, IBM, Huggies, Pizza Hut, Kleenex and more.

Feel free to contact me directly for more information.

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Thais Maranho. Toronto, CAN